Four perfect sentences

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Four perfect sentences

Post  AaronB on Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:42 am

1. I perceived that Ernest Hemingway was a brilliant writer with a prodigious amount of talent. I feel that his downfall became his enemy, because instead of concentrating on his capability and focusing on being one of the most excessive writers in history, he dwelled more on his depression, yearnig for food, and yonger clever writers.

2. I believed, Ernest Hemingway was the Tom Cruise of writers. In my opinoin, Ernest became so desolate and discouraged about himself, because he no longer shinned as this extrordinary writer that his readers were used to. When Ernest Hemingway began writing for others, he suffered isolation, because pleasing everyone else became his priority.

3. Seclusion destroyed a considerable writer, drowning in depression, heaviness of the heart, literally lost at sea, over-whelmed by grief.


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